Stress Reduction Training: Youth 4-week Class

Strengthening attention and calming our minds is a life skill we can develop over time. It’s difficult to access cognitive information when we’re stressed or upset.  Practicing mindfulness cultivates focus, self-regulation, self-awareness, compassion, and empathy. These important soft skills are vital in becoming a successful adult. This experiential way of learning offers children a pragmatic tool to manage and self-regulate strong emotions, improve interpersonal skills, and build inner resilience in real time, difficult situations are happening, in the moment.

Students will learn… practical, universal life skills to respond to stress reactivity:

– Improved Attention & Focus
– Better Emotion Regulation
– Increased Compassion

mschools-snapshotWe will explore practices such as awareness of breathing and sound, building compassion, how to regulate strong emotions, express gratitude and generosity, mindful test taking, eating, among other awareness trainings.  It is taught in a universal, secular group setting. Using developmentally appropriate language, each session builds on the one prior to cultivate the practice. Every child receives a home practice journal to incorporate the lessons into their daily lives.  We experience, reflect, then discuss how this integrates into real-life situations.


Taught by: Allison Peet, Qualified MBSR™ Instructor (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction)

– Trained through Mindful Schools, and UMass Center for Mindfulness MBSR program for adults, founded by Jon Kabat-Zinn.
– 200 hours formal, in-person mindfulness & MBSR™ training
– 21 full days of silent meditation retreats and daily formal/informal practice
– Personal commitment: Lives in Pleasant Hill and children in SEP school district

4 weekly 30-minute sessions: Curriculum split between K-5 and Adolescent
Home Practice Journal for each child to keep

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Allison Peet, BA, RYT200 is a certified MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) Instructor trained at UMass Medical Center for Mindfulness, founded by Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD. She is trained through Mindful Schools and teaches mindfulness to youth, K-12 and is also a therapeutic yoga instructor. She’s completed multiple week-long silent meditation retreats and has a daily practice. Allison has a personal path of living and working with chronic stress and anxiety which is why she started her own business in 2015, From Within Wellness, LLC, to benefit others. She is committed to creating a more mindful community by helping people develop pragmatic life skills in attentional strength, present moment awareness, self-compassion, and stress resiliency.

READ: “3 Simple Ways to be More Mindful Today” by Allison Peet 

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