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“I got a lot out of this class personally. I’ve learned how to recognize my stress heightening, stop and react differently so not to upset people around me as well as keep myself calm and reflect later on individually.” – C.A. (Summer 2018 graduate)

Sponsored by Heartland AEA – This class is open to all adults – not just teachers looking for CEUs.


Living with stress is part of being human. When we respond to stressors in our lives in a healthy way, our bodies remain in a calm and balanced state. An intricate reaction happens in response to stress, also widely known as “fight or flight.” In acute situations, it keeps us safe from harm. However, when our reactivity becomes habitual, it can become a chronic condition, and eventually leads to exhaustion, dissociation and burnout. The 37-year-old MBSR™ program has been proven to grow the brain’s gray matter density related to emotion regulation and empathy.*  Scientific findings suggest that meditation can also change our immune function in positive ways, lower toxic stress, and improve creativity.*  MBSR™ is based in experiential learning, meditation, and allows us to respond more wisely to stress. It is taught in a universal, secular, group setting. Mindfulness is offered all over the world in education, healthcare, the military, business, and is supported with scientific evidence to have dramatic physical and psychological health benefits.
*Research citing upon request.

Why do people take this course?
Some of the major reasons why people take the MBSR™ course is job, school or family stress, chronic pain, sleeplessness, mild depression and anxiety, anger issues, grief, or simply taking a more proactive role in greater overall health and well-being.

What will I learn?
– Mindfulness meditation techniques and how to work with difficult emotions, thoughts, and physical sensations
– Techniques to respond more wisely to stress, emotion regulation, increased attentional strength
– Stress Physiology & Reactivity, Perception, Interpersonal Communication
– Tips on how to continue a daily mindfulness practice

Guided by: Allison Peet, Qualified MBSR™ Instructor
– Trained through Mindful Schools and UMass Center for Mindfulness MBSR program for adults, founded by
Jon Kabat-Zinn.
– 200 hours formal, in-person mindfulness & MBSR™ training
– 21 full days of silent meditation retreats and daily formal/informal practice
– Personal commitment: Lives in Pleasant Hill and children in SEP school district

Includes up to 8 total contact hours:
– Group meets once per week for 4 weeks for 2.5 hours. We practice formal meditations, group reflection, inquiry, dialogue, and didactic information. Each participant receives a home practice journal and practices the other 6 days per week for about 30 minutes per day on their own.

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