Allison Peet, Certified MBSR instructor

Hundreds have graduated the MBSR course since 2015 and reduced perceived toxic stress levels an average of 34%. Of those graduates, 80% lowered their stress levels. 

Enjoy these free meditations led by Allison.

10-minute focused attention

lead by Allison Peet

25-minute body scan

lead by Allison Peet

20-minute deep relaxation

lead by Allison Peet

…more meditations to come

Check back soon!

“As a psychotherapist, I have recommended the MBSR program to many of my clients. It has been life changing for most of them to learn how to “be present” in their lives. As an Acceptance and Commitment based therapist, mindfulness and meditation are essential to noticing and accepting current life circumstances. Once my clients notice their lives without judgment or avoidance, we can work together to choose and commit to a chosen valued life path.”

Ann Flood, LMHC

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