"Mindfulness meditation is the most beneficial practice I have ever come across as far as my own mental wellness and I had been searching for a long time. I thought what could possibly be better for me than to learn as much as I can about this and share it with others."
"My mindfulness practice is a nourishing time, it's a stillness I crave and carefully cultivate, so as not to slip too far off track. Mindfulness helps me find joy in uncertainty and find depths of compassion for myself and others."
"When something difficult occurs in my life, I turn to meditation, not to clear my mind but to let the thoughts have their way. I see them all, which is what they want, and I don’t try to hold on to them."
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Meet my friend and colleague, Amanda. She is a licensed mental health therapist at the Des Moines Pastoral Counseling Center. (Read her professional bio here.) She was an MBSR student of mine when the COVID-19 pandemic hit early […]
Mindfulness helps Ann work with her clients in Acceptance and Commitment therapy so they can commit to a value-based life path.